Area Schools

Due to high demand, our wait-list for behavioral services is currently full and therefore closed. 

NIS provides behavioral services to area schools.  Behavior Analysts work with school staff to complete a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to determine why the student is engaging in the problem behaviors. Then, a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is created to decrease the problem behaviors, and teach the student how to get the same results using appropriate behavior. Behavior Analysts work directly with the student, implementing the BIP and modeling implementation for school staff. Behavior Analysts will then coach and train school staff on implementing the BIP, and will eventually fade out to a consultative basis. NIS also provides homebound instruction to students that are no longer able to be served in the public-school setting. Homebound instruction can take place in the student’s home, school or another community location.

Services offered: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Support Plan (BSP), Staff training on implementation of individualized BSP, Modeling sessions in which Behavior Analyst implements BSP, Coaching sessions in which Behavior Analyst observes staff implementation of BSP, Professional Development Workshops and Trainings, Homebound Instruction, Transition Assistance for Homebound Services to the School Setting