Nova History...

In the 1970s, America experienced a huge shift in the population of the developmentally disabled. Those who lived in institutions were transitioned back into the community where they needed support, and provider agencies slowly began to develop across the country. 

Nova was founded in the early 1990s by a group of parents in Southwest Missouri who were experiencing the lack of services available for their children with autism. While there is still focus on autism and challenging behaviors, Nova’s borders have expanded to serve individuals with many diagnoses. Residential services were the first to be provided, but over the years a Day Habilitation program and Behavior Team (led by Board Certified Analysts) have developed and become an integral part of the Nova family. 

Nova Center of the Ozarks, Inc., strives to make possible the potential for positive change in the quality of life for every individual. 
— Nova Center of the Ozarks Mission