Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Why Nova needs your help:

100% of all donations made to Nova go towards programs and services for our consumers.

Recent cuts in Missouri Medicaid have eliminated much of the funding previously available to adults with developmental disabilities. However, contractual obligations with DMH remain the same. One dental and vision exam per year is required. Due to their disabilities, most Nova consumers are not able to alert staff to health concerns. As a result, the health of these individuals is easily compromised. The provision of quality healthcare is essential.

The dental health of Nova consumers is also a significant concern. The effect of medications on tooth structure, combined with nutritional challenges and poor dental hygiene, increases the potential for dental disease in our consumers. In addition, many Nova consumers require sedation during dental procedures, increasing the cost of those procedures.

Individuals supported in the ISL setting have very limited income. Most of their funds are exhausted to pay for rent, utilities, groceries and necessary items. Very little is left over for medical expenses, equipment repairs, or leisure activities. Although many have family support, the expense is often more than both the individual and family can manage.

How will your donations be used?


Because of Medicaid cuts, the consumer or their family must pay for dental care. In many cases, our consumers must go under general anesthetic just for check-ups and general cleaning, which can be very costly. The consumers live on limited income; therefore Nova tries to help when there are no other means to pay for dental bills.

Community Involvement

Like most people, our consumers like to participate in enjoyable activities in our community. Many of the activities in which Nova consumers participate have associated costs, which Nova currently funds. There is no funding for consumers to go to summer camp or take vacations. Your donations can help provide activities for our consumers, in which they otherwise would not be able to participate.

Program Development

In addition to growth needs in existing programs, Nova depends on donations in order to develop new programs that support the Nova consumers as well as our families in the community.

Staff Development

Well trained staff is essential to maintaining the safety, health and happiness of Nova consumers. With an ever increasing need for additional staff training, for which there isn’t additional funding, Nova must look to donations to help support our training program.

Residential Program

Individuals supported in the ISL setting have very limited income. Most of their funds are exhausted to pay rent, utilities, groceries and other necessary living expenses. There is little left over to pay for household equipment, furnishings, repairs and maintenance in their homes. Your donation can help support our residential program, which allows for a better quality of life for our consumers.