About Us

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Nova Center of the Ozarks, Inc. has its roots in several key principles: the principle of providing services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families; the principle of every individual’s right to reach their highest potential and live in the least restrictive environment possible.

ericNova Center of the Ozarks was incorporated June 5, 1990 as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization. It was established by a group of parents who had children diagnosed with autism. There was a need for services in Southwest Missouri specific to individuals with autism. The state legislature was petitioned for funding and Nova opened a five bed group home in Springfield in June, 1992. The primary focus was for residential services, but because of changing trends, Nova has now evolved into an organization which provides various services.

TimNova opened its first ISL (Individual Supported Living arrangement) in December, 1993. In March of 2002, Nova chose to close the five bed group home and move the occupants into ISLs in an attempt to provide more individualized services. Services are also provided to individuals living in the natural home. Nova presently serves individuals diagnosed with a variety of developmental disabilities while maintaining a focus on autism and individuals with challenging behaviors.  Nova is now providing services in the area of behavioral interventions to families and individuals, services for Missouri First Steps, as well as services to area school districts including in district and homebound services.

MerryChristmasNova2010-1120guysServices provided in the natural home include: day habilitation services, home skills development, in-home behavior support, and in-home respite care. Nova provides education/information on autism/behavior management techniques to private individuals, other agencies, local universities and the public schools upon request.

It is a fact that persons with developmental disabilities have many obstacles in life, especially those with behavioral challenges. With proper support, they can lead productive lives and play an active role in their community. Our goal as an agency is to help these individuals become active participants in their community and to obtain the highest quality of life possible.